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Tailored STA

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Tailored STA

Overnight stays are a crucial step towards a participants’ increased independence, but only if their accommodations are equipped to meet their unique needs. At FSP Youth and Disabilities, we modify our short-term accommodation space based on the participants’ abilities and life stage, and pair them with the members of our team best suited to assist them. Because of this, we’re able to provide short-term accomodations for participants of all mobilities and ages. 

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I have had and continue to have a great experience with this service. It was clear to me right from the start that this was very professionally run, and that attention to detail is just one of the aspects they pride themselves on. Finding suitably qualified and “ready” staff can be tricky for a family like mine, but FSP Youth and Disabilities have made the process seamless. I know I can rely on them to “deliver” when it comes to NDIS services; when other providers have failed to do so in the past. I would highly recommend them; no client is too difficult or beyond their realm.
The vacation care service available through FSP allows my son to continue socialising with his peers during the school holidays and continue working towards his goals. He has been able to develop skills in emotional regulation through play whilst in a safe and supportive environment. He loves attending each day and we have been grateful that a schedule has been developed where his needs have been catered for. The team have always been very flexible in adapting to our son’s needs as they change which has made a world of difference to us as a family.
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